humans life

Fantasy of soul

Have you ever felt you lived a lot. Living deferent life’s is kinda some peoples fantasy,,At some places they show kindness, somewhere else act as neutral or acting like dum then getting judged on that basis. It’s kinda like in the end no one knows how it was, it’s fascinating & thrilling. So whenever these types of people look back to life,,, they really feel they lived life with so many distinctions with unique moments and they feel satisfied with life & want to live life more gladsome way.

If you visiting to new place choose one mode for identification so new people will see you on that your new character you choose for act and don’t leave that character till you leave that location.

I am sure you feel the amount of deferent life’s you lived whenever you look back into your life. But never hurt anyone with your actions it’s also important when to live high in character and when to get back to your self,,, if it’s needed. May be you feel Kick with other some fantasies in life try to find them out,,,it can be anything,,, it’s one life live more with whats your soul wants.

Few words

When you will be at your end your soul must be satisfied.