Mask of lie anxiety & fear

Human kind is aways being self protective from other,,, every one is hidding their self behind mask may be you will say I don’t but think again how much you are true with own self and others,,, now days it become more complicated because people started to wear mask physically due to carona virus,,, Can’t catch the facial expressions to understand lying or not with mask.

When you forget your own path and step outside of the normal, you will be judged by others. And often, that judgment can feel harsh. Anxiety of being exposed and feeling insecurity about being deferent. Distinguish in reality who you are, there is one easy way to come over from anxiety show people who you are,, once it’s done there will be no mask of acting being someone else.

You know that you will die only In earth’s sixty to seventy rotation around the sun whenever I think about this I want to live my life without any restrictions without caring about what people will say,,, and that’s what really put most of the my masks aside from me.

Few words

To get over your anxiety & fear, you should first understand where it’s coming from.