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Rental pain

Pain is a malleable experience,,, where emotions are one of many psychological factors that modulate it. If you having positively valenced emotions along with sad(pain),,, it will help you get to normal,,, if you having negatively valenced emotions along with sadness then it can take time,,, it’s depends upon amount of feeling you are having & how many time you went through kinda same feeling.

Affection with others stand in need of life,,, it’s what makes us human,,, it’s where we become mentally strong,,, for upcoming life trajadies,,, feelings holding existence in each & every healthy being. For example,,, if you were laid off from a job, you might have felt shocked or angry at first. Later,,, when you got a new job,,, you might have felt relieved to be starting over.

Now this….! Temporary state of pain or feelings deferent individually,,, some people recover quickly,,, some emotional fools take time to come over. Pain means feeling but every feeling is not a pain,,, Feelings are temporary but with memories you can have it any time. Where pain stands right after the incident & how strong incident hits you but good thing is,,, it’s for specific time.

Three words

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