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Waves of enthusiasm

When waves of energize sound hits the ears & boost the minds thinking rate with it,,, The songs with no feelings attached are really better to convert the mood,,, it’s where you forget about your life & enjoy the music.

I listen a lot but never tried to find the music that will suit life setiuation. That’s why I stay happy soul i guess all the time,,, I don’t keep or listen strings attached music I tried but it’s really not worth it to listen devdas<(the Indian femous lover) type music.

The Indian music industry is more into emotions,,, that’s why may be…! I prefer overseas music over indian cause it avoid the depression so far.

Music can be pain killer only if you listen painless music otherwise it’s up to you,,You can be better than devdas(the Indian femous lover😅) and music can be killer to you.

Few words

The good music will change you to best of you.


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