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Neutral state of mind

It’s beautiful night…! i am on rooftop…! the stars in the sky blinking without moon,,,I like this way,,, there is not any distraction of light. In life also we feel neutral when there is not any hard burdens of feeling on us.

It’s hard to write when there is not any feeling rushing on but then also i like this feeling much more then any other feeling,,, mind is calm & listening my favourite silent music its amezing,,,Ohh wait i seen this thunder it was small lighting but it was noticeable,,,now half of sky is filled with clouds.

In life mind neutral state is the best,,, you can’t afford this with money,,, all you need is satisfaction with your life, ohh geuss what harry styles song on list….!

Few words

Just let me adore you, it’s the only thing i ever do,, it was the song i was listening moment ago. The best thing you could do in this neutral state of mind is live little peaceful.


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