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Unfold connections

In life people’s leave us in middle of no_where,,, are you think these peoples having no feeling or they don’t understand anything,,, you start loving someone after understanding how he/she is actually,,, when you start to enjoy someones company & you like that connection,,, that’s why you feel love. now let’s get to the feeling of the person you love.

The moments between two individuals thats where love belongs,,, if you can see love in those moments that means the person you are in love with also can see the happy moments of two of you,,, but in his/her life there will be hundreds of reasons behind denial of love. But Trust me he/she don’t want to give you more struggle or pain Couse he/she knows inside what will be the end is going to be for all this.

Few words

Some people leaves us not becouse they Don’t like us,,,they leave cause they love us & don’t want us to struggle more because of them.


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