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World understand till it’s fear to them

7.9 billion people on this planet don’t you think everyones mind run in different format,,, then also i see ordinary things people doing in life,,, doing everything ordinary means no chance of judgement from others Couse following trends is alway safe rather than making trend. There is society who will judge you on current trend if you are crossing the trend then there is problem if you are behind the trend then there is problem

Sociaty will do rejection if you crossed the asusal doing. Leaving the asusal and doing something different required lots of courage. Wanna check actually by my self So i posted one story of mine on social network to check how people will do react after watching something unusual. I let the story run for the few hours to check the its rejection or its acceptance.

Living with trend is good but crossing trend on your own is also not a bad idea. It’s unlock something in you and make you stronger for society rejection for lifetime,,, you know that there is rejection and acceptance in equal part in life but you don’t see the rejection couse you are doing same things what others doing that means you are not achieving something different from others.

Few words

Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer.


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