humans life

Uncensored dream of constructive mind…!

The moon,, The sun,, The stars,, They all make wind blow,, Our dreams keep showing us direction of our life’s reality flow,,,, Once upon time i had this scary dream of falling down from the corner of rooftop ,, I woke up several nights because of this horrifying dream,…

Raised my heart beats to the maximum,,, This one nightmare made my sweet dream type nights horror movie,,, I still remember how much horror feeling that one nightmare brought in me,,, Your daily life defines your dreams,,, Which feelings stress you out,,, Those all feelings make impact on dreams…

I was terrified in life about something i guess,,, There are many theories about having the same dreams for Pacific time of period,,, The structure that our mind build of same thing in another night it’s really unique in its own way,,, The way brain turns our dream into thrilling drama it’s really surprising,,, Dream doesn’t work the way we want,,, It’s like hulk driving a car while bruce (mark ruffalo) somewhere in backyard of the car.


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