Shades of regret

In life we can’t take decisions with hundred percent surety ,, every creature learn while growing that means there is no way out from regrets all you can do is understand the consequences before making decisions,,,i seen many peoples having regret about relationship, career, family,, we all made mistakes and we all having regrets for that.

we make decisions on current knowledge and situation,, on that basis we try to fix our future,,,In future we gets the ability to see things in deferent prospective,,, we try to judge our past decesion on that new prospective,,, that’s where our regret takes place,,,and who knows you will be in worst condition having bigger regrets,…if you had made deferent decisions in past.

Regret by inaction not up to us,, when something terrifying suddenly happens in our life,,, we wish we could change the past action we made related to that incident,,, We feel guilty for our done,, thats ok there is nothing we can do about it.

Self love is more important. Nobody is forever in your life. Person who can understands you best is only you! Make your own choices. Every individual should take his own decision,,, because we can not blame other for our action and there might be minar regrets for life.

Few words

Your decisions decide your regrets.


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