How to speak in front of people who hates you ?

Try to understand

The people who hate somebody that’s because of they don’t like the way individual living… The actions bothering too much in work or at home… Try to understand why hates you, there must be reason for that… Once you understand where you have been wrong in haters eye you can make improvement in it… May be thay start loving you.

Be polite

The politeness is a art where war can be win with few words…While making conversation bring soft tone, meanwhile may be the person who hates you will speak to you Rudely but after sometime he will realise that he made mistake… Every one got heart only needs to make that heart soft for you. Use your voice in polite way

The people also hates who is better than them… In this you need put them down showing them that they are important for you if you actually love someone in other scenarios who cares about haters

Show empathy

The People who are good at showing empathy they rarely get hate from others…… It didn’t matter who you speaking with never ever tell any one worst things of others… show empathy for that person who hates you in his absence,,,, this is the best way to earn someone’s trust.

Golden words

No matter how good you are, someone is always going to be against you so have them in your favorite list.

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